·        What is Spirited Art Auburn?

At our studio we make memories, not just paintings!  Our classes are meant to be accessible to people of all ages & walks of life. Our goal is to provide entertainment while also teaching you basic painting techniques - plus you get to leave with a personal piece of art!  We have a very large variety of paintings, each offering new experiences & learning opportunities. We offer both public classes as well as private parties.


·        What is the minimum/maximum number of participants per class?

Our public classes have a 3 person minimum & a 40 person maximum. Specialty classes such as open studio or pet portrait have a 12 person maximum.  When a class does not reach the minimum it will be canceled or rescheduled. Patrons will be notified earlier that day & receive a full refund.


·        What’s a template?

A template is basically a stencil.  The painting’s image is drawn onto a piece of paper for you to then trace onto your canvas using transfer paper provided by us. It's pretty easy to do, but many folks prefer the convenience of having the instructor trace for them. 


·        Are templates provided if I opt to “trace my own”?

Yes! Most of our paintings include pre-drawn templates that are used to trace the image onto the canvas. Having us trace your canvas for you will save you time, but if you opt to trace it yourself you are not expected to “freehand” it.  When tracing your own, you need to arrive at least 15 min. prior to the class beginning.


·        Is Spirited Art Auburn BYOB & can I bring food?

Yes! We encourage everyone to bring a beverage that they enjoy – whether that’s coffee, a milkshake, wine, beer, etc.  If you are of legal age, you are welcome to bring alcoholic beverages to our evening classes or private events.  

You can also bring snacks or full meals & even have food delivered to you at our studio!


·        What do I need to bring (other than my food/beverage)?

Nothing! All painting supplies & an apron are included in your registration fee.  We also provide cups, corkscrews, bottle openers, & even a mini fridge for your convenience.


·        What should I wear?

We provide aprons to protect your clothing; however, we recommend that you don’t wear your best clothes to be on the safe side. Children should especially be “dressed for mess”.


·        I’ve never painted before…can I do this??

Absolutely! Our classes are designed for people exactly like you.  Our instructors are trained to walk you through every step of your painting – from teaching you how to clean your brush, to color mixing & techniques.


·        I already paint at home, so what’s the point?

You get all the perks of painting without the bother! You don’t have to provide your own supplies & you don’t have to clean up after yourself! That’s right, no cleaning brushes – every artist’s dream!  Plus, it’s a fun & affordable way to spend quality time with friends or family or just "me time"!